On December 7th 2012, my fiance (K), my son (Birdie or J), and I closed on our very first home. Its an adorable little starter home. Although we have been in the house for almost a month, hardly anything is finished. We waited a week after closing to move in, and then we got crazy busy with the holidays. Let’s throw in that my son, as of December 27th, is 8 months old. Obviously not much is getting done. That’s all going to change.

My New Year resolution is to complete a project a week all through 2013. I have allowed myself to complete more than one if I choose to, and if one project takes longer than a week, the following week I will double up. Basically, the end result is to have a minimum of 52 projects finished when 2014 rolls around. These projects can come anywhere from my own head to Pinterest projects, and can basically be any kind of project, I just need to get something productive done. I have pins and pins galore on Pinterest I haven’t even touched, and many more ideas in my head. This year will be the one I get stuff done.


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