Project 3 and 4: Shower Caddy and Housewarming Favors

So, because I was seriously freaking swamped the past couple weeks, I had to put two of my projects together in one post. Project 3, the shower caddy had to wait until last week to be finished, but I did buy everything for it the week it was supposed to be done. I got the idea here.

I went to the dollar store and bought a spring-loaded shower rod, shower curtain rings, and 3 stacking baskets. I had seriously high hopes in my head for this project.


This was everything put together. To keep the baskets from completely tipping over I had to run the rings through the side holes in the baskets as well.


Buuttttt, even that didn’t work. I left after putting everything together and a few hours later I came home and all the bath products were in the tub. Wonderful.

Let’s be realistic here, I have a whole year of projects to go, some of them are bound to be failures. This I can throw into the failure pile to be attempted another time. The whole thing was around $13, so it isn’t a total loss. Time to move on!

Project 4 was pretty fun. I had a housewarming party over the weekend and needed a cheap but cute favor. So I decided to pick up some paint samples and some candy. I cut the paint samples into groups of two colors, paired light colors with dark colors, stamped the word “thanks” on them, stapled three sides and slid in a small two-pack of Starbursts. This was NOT a failure besides the fact that almost everyone pretty much ignored them. MORE CANDY FOR ME. I was super pleased with them, though.


Project 5 will be happening later this week. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do.


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