Project 2: Baby Leg Warmers

20130111_095205 (1)

I’ve seen these adorable bad boys everywhere on Pinterest, and I’ve seen them for sale as well. They usually run around $8, so that’s a little pricey for socks without feet. So I found a tutorial here over at Baby Making Machine and she gave me hope that I could just simply hand sew these. All the other tutorials I found were machine-sewn. It turns out that they are incredibly easy. I used a very basic stitch and they turned out adorable.

I found some socks at my friendly neighborhood Walgreens at $4 a pair, so I ended up spending half of what I would have if I had bought them already made, but I know I could spend even less.

All I did was cut off the foot part of the socks above the ankle.

20130111_095228 (1)


(And ended up throwing this part in my sock basket. Bonus crew socks ftw!)

And then folded down the cut edge and used a basic hand stitch all the way around.

This was the adorable outcome:

20130111_100157 (1)


I love them, they work great for my little crawler and they are so much easier than messing with pants at home.


Project 3 has yet to be chosen, I’ll get to looking tonight and see what I want to do next.


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