Project 1: More Unpacking/Laundry/Closet Organization

This week is completely about getting my house in order. I need to do the 14 million loads of laundry hanging around here, and I need to unpack more. Seriously this house is an explosion of clothing and junk. The good news is I get to purge Birdie’s old clothes and a bunch of my own that I feel like getting rid of, so once that’s finished I shouldn’t feel like I could fill a swimming pool of clothes. We also need to unpack the rest of the stuff in the kitchen and bathroom. So by the end of this week I would love for the bathroom to be unpacked and the kitchen to be unpacked, and our clothes in our closets and dressers. Possibly even putting a dent in the boxes in the living room. I want to feel accomplished by the end of the day Sunday so I can move on to way more fun projects sooner. Please bear with me guys. I promise the fun stuff will come!


I’ll be posting later this week with an update on how things are going.


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