Project 3 and 4: Shower Caddy and Housewarming Favors

So, because I was seriously freaking swamped the past couple weeks, I had to put two of my projects together in one post. Project 3, the shower caddy had to wait until last week to be finished, but I did buy everything for it the week it was supposed to be done. I got the […]

Project 2: Baby Leg Warmers

I’ve seen these adorable bad boys everywhere on Pinterest, and I’ve seen them for sale as well. They usually run around $8, so that’s a little pricey for socks without feet. So I found a tutorial hereĀ over at Baby Making Machine and she gave me hope that I could just simply hand sew these. All […]

Project 1 Continued

The first project went pretty well. It isn’t completely done, though. I still have a few boxes in the kitchen to unpack and some more laundry to do, but its getting there! So I will be continuing this project into this week to finish. That being said, I will have a new project this week. […]