Project 3 and 4: Shower Caddy and Housewarming Favors

So, because I was seriously freaking swamped the past couple weeks, I had to put two of my projects together in one post. Project 3, the shower caddy had to wait until last week to be finished, but I did buy everything for it the week it was supposed to be done. I got the idea here.

I went to the dollar store and bought a spring-loaded shower rod, shower curtain rings, and 3 stacking baskets. I had seriously high hopes in my head for this project.


This was everything put together. To keep the baskets from completely tipping over I had to run the rings through the side holes in the baskets as well.


Buuttttt, even that didn’t work. I left after putting everything together and a few hours later I came home and all the bath products were in the tub. Wonderful.

Let’s be realistic here, I have a whole year of projects to go, some of them are bound to be failures. This I can throw into the failure pile to be attempted another time. The whole thing was around $13, so it isn’t a total loss. Time to move on!

Project 4 was pretty fun. I had a housewarming party over the weekend and needed a cheap but cute favor. So I decided to pick up some paint samples and some candy. I cut the paint samples into groups of two colors, paired light colors with dark colors, stamped the word “thanks” on them, stapled three sides and slid in a small two-pack of Starbursts. This was NOT a failure besides the fact that almost everyone pretty much ignored them. MORE CANDY FOR ME. I was super pleased with them, though.


Project 5 will be happening later this week. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do.


Project 2: Baby Leg Warmers

20130111_095205 (1)

I’ve seen these adorable bad boys everywhere on Pinterest, and I’ve seen them for sale as well. They usually run around $8, so that’s a little pricey for socks without feet. So I found a tutorial here¬†over at Baby Making Machine and she gave me hope that I could just simply hand sew these. All the other tutorials I found were machine-sewn. It turns out that they are incredibly easy. I used a very basic stitch and they turned out adorable.

I found some socks at my friendly neighborhood Walgreens at $4 a pair, so I ended up spending half of what I would have if I had bought them already made, but I know I could spend even less.

All I did was cut off the foot part of the socks above the ankle.

20130111_095228 (1)


(And ended up throwing this part in my sock basket. Bonus crew socks ftw!)

And then folded down the cut edge and used a basic hand stitch all the way around.

This was the adorable outcome:

20130111_100157 (1)


I love them, they work great for my little crawler and they are so much easier than messing with pants at home.


Project 3 has yet to be chosen, I’ll get to looking tonight and see what I want to do next.

Project 1 Continued

The first project went pretty well. It isn’t completely done, though. I still have a few boxes in the kitchen to unpack and some more laundry to do, but its getting there! So I will be continuing this project into this week to finish.

That being said, I will have a new project this week. I’ll be doing a small, fun, project so I’m not bogged down all week from more unpacking at whatnot.

I’m throwing around the idea of baby leg warmers? Possibly? Who knows, but I’m dying to do something fun. Last week I had hardly any motivation at all, and that’s very sad considering it was my first project.

Here’s to the new week and a fun cute project I’ll be posting about later in the week!

Project 1: More Unpacking/Laundry/Closet Organization

This week is completely about getting my house in order. I need to do the 14 million loads of laundry hanging around here, and I need to unpack more. Seriously this house is an explosion of clothing and junk. The good news is I get to purge Birdie’s old clothes and a bunch of my own that I feel like getting rid of, so once that’s finished I shouldn’t feel like I could fill a swimming pool of clothes. We also need to unpack the rest of the stuff in the kitchen and bathroom. So by the end of this week I would love for the bathroom to be unpacked and the kitchen to be unpacked, and our clothes in our closets and dressers. Possibly even putting a dent in the boxes in the living room. I want to feel accomplished by the end of the day Sunday so I can move on to way more fun projects sooner. Please bear with me guys. I promise the fun stuff will come!


I’ll be posting later this week with an update on how things are going.